Monday, August 12, 2013

Friends as mothers.

I traveled to D.C. to see my most prestigious friend.   You know, that friend who double majored in biology (pre-med) and political science (pre-law). And now, is pretty much famous working as a diplomat for the United States government.....I'm so proud of all the things that she has accomplished, but one of the most outstanding things she has done is raising her little princess, Gwen. Gwen is so cute, sweet, so smart and already has a fun sense of humor. I'm so proud of her parenting! When we were younger it was hard to picture friends as Moms.... They get pregnant....its still not real....The baby is born. And Bam.... Super Mom.... Amazing mom.  (Oh, and her husband, who would have thought.... Just kidding..... He is a wonderful Dad!)

Friday, July 5, 2013

List Shopping only.

I went from visiting Target less than 1 time a year to going there every other day (at least). I love it. It has everything. Its convenient and I discovered the 'End Caps'. These are the 'secret' of target. And man, do they have fun things to buy. Things I like to think of as necessities, but I didn't realize it was a necessity until I found the "End Cap". The prices are mediocre and its not like all items are a dollar or anything. But they are on sale....So when I see these 'necessities' one of two things happen.
           1. I'm having a 'strong day' when I see the items. I  ooooh and awwwe over how much I need them. Make the decision  and think to myself 'Nope, not today'. By the way,  Necessities include: Off candles for the deck, throw pillows, puzzles, lip balm plus sunscreen, lamp shade, some unknown supplement (vitamin of somesort? I think?), eye brow pencil and a Chinese lantern. On the way home I am so disappointed about the cool things I didn't buy. And the next time I'm at Target I B-Line it to the "End Caps" to pick up those items.
          2. I'm having a 'week day'. I pass every 'End Cap' in the store. Again, ooooohing and awwwwing over these great 'necessities'. I talk myself into buying these items.... Because Man I need them and if I don't get them right this second someone else is going to buy them and I'll never have that blender with the cup attached to the top that you remove and drink your blended beverage in.
Other 'Necessities': A world map, paper plates with pink flowers on them (8 plates per package), sidewalk chalk, an Off clip on bug repellent and a microfiber mattress pad.

   Admitting my End Cap addiction is the first step. Next step is stick to list shopping only. I will have an app on my phone with the REAL necessities on it and will, avoid (hopefully), those End caps.

Target, You've got me!


Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Saturday Night Live....a real story from SPRINT.


Job Title: Part time On-call Crisis Therapist
Description: Be available to do psychiatric assessments in the Emergency Room for patients suffering from a possible mental health disorder. 
Examples: suicidal, psychotic, self care failure and/or homicidal. This morning: 5:00am, check phone....5 voicemails. ZERO missed calls.
My thoughts at this time....AH, I must have slept through 5 missed calls!!!!!!! I'm going to lose my second job. I am so unprofessional....this is all my fault.
 I immediately called my Dad and had him call least 8 times......He left a voicemail each time.....and nothing....
Reality. My phone did not ring. Ever. Not one time. I called Sprint first thing in the morning......5:11am. Too early. Customer Service reps not available.
9:01am: Customer service rep-Shanique or Lanique or Lakisha?? .....Helpful. At least tried to be. Helped reset my phone saying 'I'll call you back when I see that your settings have changed.' Remember, My phone is not receiving calls. Never heard back.
9:21am: 2nd call. Customer service rep-Angela. Not helpful. I asked to talk with her supervisor. She said "they are with another customer at the moment. They will have to call you back." (I.E. Remember. My phone doesn't work). I offer to hold and she says "Well, go to a SPRINT store and that is the only way that you will be able to get assistance with your phone."
1:16pm: Sprint store. 707 Commons Place, Manhattan, KS 66502...Brandon,face to face, at my local sprint store. I explain that I am on call an I need a reliable carrier...etc....He said "Well, there is a tower down. (Isn't that always the excuse? Where the hell are all these towers?)
Me: Well, can you please help me. I am guaranteed reliable service and obviously this is not reliable.
Him: The tower has been down for over 2 weeks.
Me: Okay, well that is not my problem. My problem is I need a reliable service and the fact that sprint has a 'tower down' is not my problem. Its your problem. Please help fix my phone.
Him: Mam, there is nothing we can do.  10 people have been in here today complaining of the same thing.
Me: Again, Not My problem.  I just want my phone to work its a necessity for my job. Leave store.   
1:30 pm. Call customer service again. talk with Caroline or Carolyn...? She informs me that her two 'Escalation' bosses, Erica and Stephanie are on the phone with other customers. Me, I can wait.
Her: They only take calls by appointment and they will call you (AGAIN, MY PHONE IS NOT RECEIVING PHONE CALLS!!!! That is my problem. NO PHONE CALLS ARE COMING through on MY PHONE!!!! She hangs up on me.
(Lets not forget the Bottomline here: I NEED A RELIABLE PHONE...And SPRINT can not provide this for me. Therefore I need to change providers. I have been with them less than 30 days and I have had unreliable service and bad reception...My termination fee needs to be waved because they aren't holding up their end of the deal.)  
I call back and talked with Dane who transferred me to his "supervisor Joe" who transferred me to his "supervisor" Heather who transferred me to her supervisor "Tamberee" then to Corlis who told me I have not followed the appropriate steps in getting Sprint to retract the early termination fee...
....I must get a diagnostic evaluation done on my cell Junction City...Though makes note that someone prior wrote on my account that I refused to do that.....That was the first time I had heard that as an option. .I already went to the sprint store in Manhattan.....finally, Ol' Corlis says that the only way I can talk with her 'supervisor' is leave a message and 'the boss', Erica will get back to me within 24-48 hours .  The boss Erica calls back leaves a voicemail for me to call her back (remember. phone does not accept calls).....
sidenote: Okay people...So basically I'm picturing the call center....At one end you have soft spoken lakisha/angela types and on the other end you bring out the 'big dogs' ..... the Corlis and Erica types who lay it down......and act like the presidents of SPRINT!   Erica, in the mean time of 'understanding what I'm going through' had the nerve to try to UPSELL ME A LANDLINE!!!! HAHA. NO!!!!!  
3:00pm- Drive 30 minutes to Junction City  to get a diagnosis on my cell phone. Wait an hour and 1/2....Drum roll please.... Diagnosed with "poor cell phone reception from the tower that is down."

THIS IS A SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE SKIT! When you say "I would like you to transfer me to your supervisor" they call it 'escalation'.....and transfer you to the next meanest person in the place. 

At this point I ask 'the boss' Erica, to transfer me to her boss. Again, "By appointment only and she will call me back within 24-48 hours."  
4:27pm Get a voicemail from Stephanie. Who is claiming to be Erica, 'the boss's' boss...Can't fool me....Little Caroline or Carolyn spilled the beans and I caught you trying to manipulate me, the customer!!!! My early termination fee needs to be removed. You are not providing me reliable service.  
Stephanie and Erica are co-supervisors. 

Friday, June 28, 2013

What a funny life.

Tonight I had a wonderful night of hanging out with one of the most spiritual, loving, kind and supportive people in my life. We talked Jesus and how he gets us through anything... Just hand it over. Don't fret he'll take care of you.... We enjoyed some good talks, wine, laughs, rain and her amazing outdoor/covered porch. Great evening.... 

I get home... Grab the mail and I have a letter in the mailbox from my new neighbor.... Not Vicki Gunderson (the woman who yelled about my dogs being off leash while i took the trash out) but her daughter to the north of us.... 

Well recently I've developed a green thumb and have been gardening... My girls come out and sunbathe, play, or sit in the shade... Occasionally wondering 10 feet away but not much further... Well the neighbor has dog poop in her front/side yard. We live on a busy street with a very busy sidewalk... But I get the note. I have not deliberately sent them to her yard to use the bathroom... If they have 'used her yard'... Please let me know and ill be more than happy to clean it up!!!! I'm a responsible dog owner... I pick up their poop on walks... And give dirty looks to people who don't... I grab some bags and a flash light to clean up the dog poop. And what do I find.......
What's that you see?????? Dog poop. MY NEIGHBORS DELIBERATELY PUT DOG POOP ON OUR FRONT WALK WAY!!!!!!!! 
Who does that??????? I was willing to go pick it up at midnight with a flashlight in the rain... 
Please don't put it on my front walk way. People are effing CRAZY!!!!! I would NEVER DO THAT!!!!!!!! So much for neighborly!!! 

Friday, June 21, 2013

The War on Weight.

size 00

size 14

Soap box #1556: Why does weight and body type weigh (no pun intended) so much on if you are attractive or not. Where did the perception come from? Not thin means you are less of a person, unhealthy, unattractive, lazy or unworthy??? Who makes these decisions about beauty? I feel like 'Bigger People' are becoming the new target of discrimination. First it was the American Indians, Poor People, Women, African Americans, Homosexuals and now people who are Overweight.

I understand obesity correlates with infertility. But this day and age most anyone can have a baby, adopt a baby, have a sergeant carry your baby, get artificially inseminated,  have your husband's vasectomy reversed, store your eggs for a later date, put sperm and eggs together to make an embryo and then freeze it. .....and many more medical phenomenon's....

Now on to the medical debate about obesity.....There are obvious medical concerns for people who are overweight who's lifestyle consists of fast food, no exercise and a permanent spot on the couch...That is their choice....their right......Then there are the rest of us....who aren't thin.....who don't sit and watch T.V. 24/7, don't eat out,  exercise regularly..... And blessed with a big body.

The story of -The Chart-
I go for my regular exam...  all my lab results are back and 'great'! I'm healthy!!! ...Then as I gather my things.....get ready to leave....It's hanging directly in front of me. slight swaying back and forth from the air conditioner vent... The "Are you OBESE chart?" Yep. 5'4 175lbs......OBESE. Staring me straight in the face. BIG AND BOLD. " You need to lose weight, you are obese which will earn you a shortened life span."

I'm a physically fit 30 year old who runs marathons and 1/2 marathons, exercises 5+ times a week and i'm still considered 'Obese'. OBESE. An obese Marathon runner. Who would have thought?
My doctor, who is wonderful, (Shout out, Dr.Knopp!) referred me to this program through the local hospital to lose weight healthily with a doctor, dietician, psychologist and trainer......Awesome, yes, perfect!!! I just need to call my insurance to make sure its covered. I call.  Nope, my insurance doesn't cover 'weight problems'.   You would think that they would for prevention reasons....less money now but MORE money later.... Thanks Preferred Health Care, I'm going to stop running, eat some cookie dough and a full pizza now. Haha. Just kidding.

I think I'm going to start a movement....Every person matters.
 I matter. You matter.
"Just Love, Not Judge."  
Life is beautiful. It's a miracle and our bodies are amazing regardless of judgement.

(Dove' Body has done an amazing thing by recognizing the beauty of all shapes and sizes)

Tip of the day for on-line daters....I WILL NOT TALK TO YOU WINK AT YOU AND I"LL PROBABLY DELETE YOU.....If your profile says that you only like "SLENDER or ATHLETIC AND TONED."
Lots of men don't even select "ABOUT AVERAGE or CURVY".

Thursday, June 20, 2013

One of the most wonderful things about 'thinking' I was on the road to marriage was that I would NEVER, EVER, EVER have to on-line date again. I wouldn't have to 'apply' for dates, sell myself, pretend that I'm flawless or be 'winked' at by creepy old men. 
But now, I'm feeling like a date would be fun. Going out for drinks or dinner.....someone to do fun stuff with....light and easy.....but I live in Manhattan, KS. Its virtually impossible to meet a mature man who graduated from college, has a career, ambitious, doesn't spend all his spare time in Aggieville and has a car/drivers license.  I don't feel like I'm that picky. I possess those qualities....shouldn't someone I date, have those qualities too?
We'll see.
<Mr.CuriousCursor are you out there??>


Thursday, June 13, 2013

"I made.............."

This blog is not about me. Though I was there. One of my friends from work and I went out with some of the Moms of kiddos that go to our school. They are the fun Mom's at school who are involved in everything! They love our school and we love them!!!
They invited us to watch their girls play softball.......and then out for a drink afterwards....We went to the softball game and then to Coco Bolos for the $5 carafes of Sangaria! YUM! We chatted and laughed and caught up on everyone's lives.....My friend.... Leaves her phone face up on the table...not paying much attention... (Side Note: Kelly is a magnificently talented artist. She is always working on something for other people....)
Kelly gets a text and one of the Mom's glances at it and see's that it is from her boyfriend and saw that it said.... "I made...." written on the text...looks a little closer & finished reading the sentence and immediately said "Uh, I didn't mean to read that I, uh,  just glanced and only saw 'I made' and thought how cute it was that your boyfriend makes you things too..... I'm sorry. I'm so sorry."
Kelly picks up her phone, reads the text....Turns bright red in the face....And says "Ah man, ....I'm so embarrassed!!!! "
The text read "I made some cum for you." This caused an extreme laugh....I'm actually still laughing about it today......  Poor Kelly was mortified because not only is she out with a couple of girlfriends but the Mom's of students we teach....HAHAHAHA. Priceless. As I dropped her off at home...she said "Well, now if anyone asks what my most embarrassing moment is.... This tops the charts!" Hilarious. 
A giggle is always fun!! I love laughing!!!!